Shield Aegis
Type Shield
Price Gp-icon.png 1,720
Sells for
Gp-icon.png 430
Gp-icon.png 860
Shield stat 14
XP to master 2,000
Equipped by The Dark Knight
Found in Infinity Blade I
An obsidian shield, hard but light.[src]

Aegis is a shield found in Infinity Blade I. It can be purchased in the store for Gp-icon.png 1,720. This shield is wielded by the The Dark Knight. Aegis boosts the Shield stat by 14.


  • The name of the shield most likely correlates with the Aegis Armor and/ or the Aegis forms.
  • The word aegis is a Greek word for "rug".
  • In Greek mythology, the Aegis is a shield used by Zeus and Athena.
  • The Aegis was a shield-like collar that was worn by Isis, the name from which Isa is derived from.


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