Type Regular enemy
Weapon Slither (IB1)
Shield Supreme Shield
Found in Infinity Blade I
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +40
Bonus LightningIB1 +5
Chain +3
Speed +3

The Assassin is a regular enemy equipped with Slither (IB1) and the Supreme Shield. Contrary to his name, the fight to the castle bridge exposes him and you are able to see his characteristics, including resistances and attack element.

Fury Chain 1 - Left and Right Twin Chops (to titan's left, then to titan's right). Shared amongst all non-boss Regular titans in Infinity Blade I.

Fury Chain 2 - Sweeping Horizontal Right Slash, Downward Chop (to titan's right, then down). This fury chain is unique to the Assassin.

Fury Chain 3 - Bash, Spin Bash and Right Chop (shield bash to the right, spin counterclockwise and then bash with back of shield to your left, and sword swing to titan's right). This is also unique to the Assassin.

The Assassin's third fury chain at first can be difficult to distinguish from the fury chains of other Regular Titans. One way to tell is that the other Regular enemies energetically raise their armaments before lunging at you to bash, but the Assassin waves his weapon slightly slower and makes small steps towards you.

It is not recommended to rely entirely on dodging when facing the Assassin, as with all regular sized enemies in IB1: you are much more likely to run into dodge doom when doing so.

Its voice is different than those of most other human enemies. It sounds closer to that of a Plated Sorok.