Siris standing over raidriar

This player is in a bloodline.

Bloodlines is one of Infinity Blade's main features that allow the player to play repeatedly. Every time Siris kills (or gets killed by) Raidriar, he is reborn as a whole new person due to TEL's interference. After 18 – 23 years, Siris comes back to avenge his father's death (even if you did kill Raidriar). Each bloodline features tougher enemies, regardless of whether Siris is leveling up or not. Accordingly, the random loot, the dropped loot, and the experience all increase.

Negative bloodlinesEdit

The negative bloodlines are part of a game mode that is achieved by letting the Dark Knight kill you in the first scene where you learn to block then saving, whilst doing this might take a while because it keeps stopping the game to explain the block, and that he only hits 44 damage on his highest hit. As well as a special achievement, you get a "dark" version of each of the Omega Set. (Caution: All of this equipment cannot be unequipped until you beat bloodline -10. This, of course, means that you can't equip the Infinity Blade, and therefore you cannot beat the game). Each of these items have a massive attack bonus and the sword is the one of the most powerful swords in the game. You can level up and gain money a lot faster, and when that is done you can restart from bloodline one and start again with all the money and items you bought, except for the "Dark" equipment.


  • Getting the Infinity Blade as quickly as possible significantly increases the player's odds of survival.

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