Type Large enemy
Weapon Saw Tooth (IB1)
Shield Iron Guard
Helmet Odin's Wisdom
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +35
Chain +3
Speed +2

The Brute is a enemy found in the entire Infinity Blade trilogy. It equips the Saw Tooth (IB1), Iron Guard, and Odin's Wisdom. The Brute wears no armor on its upper torso. In IB2, its gear is not present in the store, but the Brute still uses it. It shared the voices of ExecutionerHorned Guardian and used the roars of the Iron Golem in IB2 (until lastest update it has IB1 voices) but in IB1, it has its own voice. In both IB1 and IB2, when it dies it has the same sound of The Dark Knight on IB1.

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