Burgess Benedict Batteric III
Benedict Burgess Batteric III
Type NPCs
Alias The Gemcutter

Benedict Burgess Batteric the Third, otherwise known as the Gemcutter, is an NPC that is recruited during the course of Infinity Blade III. He is an artisan who worked for House Ix, combining art with technology to create enhancement gems for weaponry and other equipment.

He is first introduced in Siris's Act III, inside the Killer of Dreams's pit. When Siris meets him he is working there as a sort of "ticket collector" that only accepts rare gems. Siris, instead of paying, stabs the table and Benedict, frightened, says he can go in. After Therin, the Killer of Dreams is defeated, Siris will ask Benedict to join him, but the Gemcutter refuses, stating that if Siris is looking for the Worker, he will not join their cause.

In Ausar's tower in Saranthia, Siris's Act IV, Benedict appears again, still seeking a patron. Siris tells him that his offer still stands, but the Gemcutter refuses again, stating that "freedom is cheap" and "luxury is hard to come by." Siris tells him to get out of his castle, since the tower was once Ausar's home. Burgess will run away, but not before grabbing a gem off of a table. even after completing Isa's Act IV, this interaction will still take place, even after his recruitment.

During Isa's Act IV, Benedict appears again in Lelindre's temple, and this time Isa convinces him to join her. Once recruited, he will stay at the hideout and allow the player to forge gems in his laboratory.

Benedict Burgess Batteric the Third

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