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Dark Mech

Siris equipped with the full set.

The Dark Mech is a set of dark versions of the equipment in the Omega set. These items can only be obtained by entering the negative bloodlines of Infinity Blade I. Their stats focus more on attack power rather than their specific item. There are 5 items in the Dark Mech set:

Dark X-SC2Edit

Dark X-SC2 is the Dark Mech version of X-SC2. It has +199 attack and +301 Dark, making it the most powerful elemental weapon in the game and the second most powerful in terms of raw power, after the Infinity Blade.

Dark TempestEdit

Dark Tempest is the Dark Mech version of the Tempest. It has +25 Attack and +25 Shield.

Dark FusionEdit

Dark Fusion is the Dark Mech version of the Fusion Helmet. It has +25 Attack and Life Drop++.

Dark Omega XOS-7Edit

Dark Omega XOS-7 is the Dark Mech version of Omega Armor XOS-7. It has +50 health (3,000 HP), +50 attack, and XP Gain+++.

Dark HaloEdit

Dark Halo is the Dark Mech version of the Cog. It has +50 Attack and unlocks the Level 5 Shield spell. You must use your own magic points in order to recharge this ring because it has no magic bonus, only +50 attack.


  • When combined and used on an enemy without Dark immunity, a full set of Dark Mech hits for 650 damage without skill points in the Attack category. On an enemy with Light immunity but not Dark immunity, it hits for 800 damage without skill points in the Attack category. This makes it possible to kill weaker enemies with one hit.
  • However, using this set results in vulnerability to elemental attacks, since the Dark Tempest has no elemental defense whatsoever.


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