In Infinity Blade II, The Rare Darkfire Gem is a square gem created by fusing together Rare Shock, Poison, and Wind attack gems. Like the Rare Spectrum Gem, this gem grants +500 spectrum attack, but the combined cost of the nine gems needed to forge it is $9,000,000 (the combined sell value being $4,500,000).


  1. Forge together three +400 shock attack gems
  2. Forge together three +400 poison attack gems
  3. Forge together three +400 wind attack gems
  4. You should now have three +500 rare elemental attack gems. Forge them together in this order: Shock - Poison - Wind
Shock sgem
Poison sgem
Wind sgem
Dark sgem


When used in Solar transport energy blades, the beam looks similar to the wind element, but with hints of dark.

Darkfire 1000

The Rare Darkfire Gem being forged

If 3 Darkfire Gems are forged, the result is a Rare Darkfire Gem with +1,000 damage, or 10,000 damage on a solar-trans blade. The forging of the resulting plus +1,000 gem with two subsequent +500 gems results in  another +250 per forge (I.e. 1,000+500+500 = 1,250).

The Darkfire gem may continue to be upgraded, up to +10,000 damage, like the Spectrum gem.

It will not work if the shock, poison and wind gems are not rare. If so, the end gem will not be a Darkfire. 

Both the Rare Spectrum Gem and the Rare Darkfire gem have a 10% successful effectiveness against bosses. The solar transport energy blades pin this perfectly, rendering them very effective against the deathless for +1,000 spectrum or darkfire gems.

If it is put in a normal weapon, the color of the slahes is yellow and blue. When it stabs, it has the Infinity Blade's stab animation.

In Infinity Blade III, the Rare Darkfire gem, similar to IB2, is a square gem given to the player after defeating Pisci in Interlude: Dragonslayer. The gem has an elemental force of +1,000 spectrum (rainbow). It can be sold for $300,000. It can be upgraded by forging it with two capped elemental attack gems. This will result in a 500 damage increase, and it can be upgraded until +128,000 damage. The second one can be also earned by the Black Fire Map.


While the Darkfire gem is equipped, Isa's sword slashes appear rainbow, with sparkles. Upon mega hit (after super attack), heart particles appear to float around the slash, then fade away.

Siris has a golden slash, and on combo, it appears blue with a golden-orange outline.