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Diamond gems or defense/perk gems are used to increase elemental defense or item drop rates. They can be purchased in the store, dropped by titans, or found in chests/prize wheels.

Perk Diamond GemsEdit

Perk dgem - Perk Drop+ Gem

Description Max Value
Drop Gem +X% 525%
Drop Gold +X% 400%
Drop Item +X% 525%
Drop Weapon +X% 525%

Combining three 'Drop Item' gems of a higher levels, would create Hexagonal 'Bonus Rare+' gem, with maximum value of 25%

Standard Defense Diamond GemsEdit

Light dgem - Light Defense Gem
Fire dgem - Fire Defense Gem
Ice dgem - Ice Defense Gem
Poison dgem - Poison Defense Gem
Shock dgem - Shock Defense Gem
Water dgem - Water Defense Gem
Wind dgem - Wind Defense Gem
Dark dgem - Dark Defense Gem

Rare Defense Diamond GemsEdit

The Rare Defense Gem Light dgem grants defense to all the elements in the game and is quite useful in high rebirth. Interestingly, it has the same color with the Light Defense Gem. See Rare Defense Gem for more informaiton on this gem, especially how to forge a Rare Defense Gem.