Type Giant enemy
Weapon Wormwood
Helmet Raulum
Found in Infinity Blade I, Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +80
Bonus PoisonIB1 +10
Chain +3
Speed +2

The Executioner is a giant enemy similar to the Feral Troll, both of which appear in the entire Infinity Blade trilogy. It wears the Raulum helmet and uses Wormwood. As with all other giant enemies, it has no shield. It is fought on Round 11 of Survival Mode. The Executioner is seen killed in the beginning of Infinity Blade III, thrown down the stairs by Raidriar, falling face down.

Infinity Blade IEdit

It can appear in the hallway after the first gate, in the Prison, at the second gate, and on the elevator. It is a slow, heavy-hitting enemy and shares many of its attacks with the Warden and the Feral Troll.

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