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The following information correlates to the old Infinity Blade Wiki community of 2012. Both wikis' have progressed in their own ways since then and the circumstances have changed considerably. Us who are now here at the Wikia wiki are looking past this migration and are working to build a refreshed community ready to undertake a restoration. A lot of the below information is outdated, and evidently the advertisements are not as severe as the level specified. In fact, the Curse wiki has more ads than ours does currently. Admittedly, the Wikia wiki is far easier to navigate and is also more convenient for both inexperienced and advanced editors. We encourage you stick with us here, as unlike the Curse wiki, you will have the support of a growing community and be motivated to help us with our project, and enjoy doing so.

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Conclusion: The community made the decision to move to

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This forum is about moving the Infinity Blade Wiki in its entirety to Curse. If the community decides to do so, a copy of the wiki as it now stands will remain here at, though the two isolated wikis will maintain two different editing communities and will eventually develop isolated versions of articles on the same subject. There are several advantages to this migration:

  • Advertisements will be much less frequent and invasive. See Wikia ads.png for an example of Wikia ads as they are currently seen by logged-out users. The advertisements not only completely take over the site's skin, but they also push down the content of an article so that it is barely visible. Almost all advertisements are colorful and contain movement or video, which is distracting to wiki readers.
  • Curse wikis utilize the "Vector" skin. Compared to Wikia's default "Oasis" skin, the Vector skin contains much more area for article content. Wikipedia operates using the Vector skin.
  • Wikia is moving more and more towards a social network-oriented site rather than a farm for collaborative encyclopedias. An example of a new feature that has been forced upon the community is picture attribution, which is currently disabled via workaround CSS. Another is a new laggy image lightbox, which shows up anytime an image is clicked. Wikia also heavily modified the search function of the wiki - instead of taking the user directly to an article, if it exists, a listing of search results now appears (alongside several text-based advertisements in addition to the standard ones). This can be both misleading and an irritant to many users.

I feel that things will only get worse for the wiki if it remains at Wikia. If we do migrate, we should do so soon, before Infinity Blade: Dungeons and Infinity Blade III are released. The community must decide on an action before it will be taken. There is no guarantee that Curse will agree to host the wiki if the community supports migration.

Please post any concerns or thoughts you have below. Dzylon  Talk  02:42:29  August 21, 2012



  • Dzylon  Talk  02:42:29  August 21, 2012, for the reasons listed above
  • ---- Landisnicholas My talk-- Allons-y! 03:03, August 21, 2012 (UTC) I hope this will be a good change for us, and hopefully draw in more users.
  • Ausar the Vile (talk) 03:20, August 21, 2012 (UTC) I am in favour of this, as i have seen other wikis migrate to curse, such as Minecraft amd fall out. so why not join them? :)
  • kristof1124TALK 22:21, August 21, 2012 (UTC) Sure! I've seen curse before and I think its pretty good and I am starting to dislike Wikia.
  • Wikia is all well and good but if we want this Wiki to become something bigger and better, Curse is the way to go. I look foward to it! (Sorry for the absence!) - User:DemonX444


Do you think user editing will be less if we make the switch, or will the majority of users be fine with it? (edit: oops wasn't logged in) -- Landisnicholas My talk-- Allons-y! 02:54, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

I hope that my fellow editors will be fine with the migration. That's what the forum is for. This isn't my decision, it's the community's - if the majority decides against a fork, the wiki shall stay.
And nice to see you joined the discussion, Landisnicholas :). I've never had a chance to talk with you. Dzylon  Talk  02:56:09  August 21, 2012

Yes I sent you a message explaining my absence recently, so I hope to be quite active these next coming months, so I suppose we should see a lot of eachother. -- Landisnicholas My talk-- Allons-y! 03:02, August 21, 2012 (UTC)

I reman strictly neutral and will still devote myself to this website wether we switch to Curse or not. Crazy out. 22:28, August 21, 2012 (UTC)