The Gem Forge is an add-on for Infinity Blade II, introduced in version 1.1. The Gem Forge allows the player to forge new gems by putting 3 gems in a 'Gem Forge' side menu, and waiting for said amount of time. For the first gem in a given Rebirth, the time needed is 30 minutes in real world (1 month in game time). Each subsequent forging increases the time needed by an additional 30 minutes. Gem Forge also requires an active Internet connection. Without it, the forging progress stops.

One has the option to skip the process by paying an amount of gold, 2,500 per 30 minutes, scaling against how much time remains for the gem to be created. Another way to cut the time needed to forge gems is being reborn as it fast forwards time by at least 6 months in game time. Leaving gems to be forged and not speeding them up with gold generates no difference in the outcome of the gem, the outcomes are simply random.

Certain gems can be created that can only be found in the Forge, some of which can be extremely useful. Examples include gems that reduce a Titan's speed. Interestingly enough, one can hit the gold cap for a gem in the Forge, which is 500,000, while using only about 100,000 - 200,000 Gold. This allows for efficient and easy gold obtainment.

The Gem Set found in Negative Rebirths allows a gem to be forged instantly after successfully completing the XP challenge regardless of how long it usually takes.

Infinity Blade IIIEdit

Gem forging reappears in Infinity Blade III, but is called gemcutting. Having Gemcutter is a prerequisite. The time can also be reduced by rebirth.

Improving Square and Circle GemsEdit

Forging three capped (+400) square gems together yields a rare square gem (+500) and, similarly forging three capped (+400) circle gems together yields a rare circle gem (+500). Forging a rare square gem together with two non-capped square gems yields a higher-level rare square gem (similarly, for circle gems). The two non-rare gems cannot be capped, and must be at least +200 for square gems or +100 for circle gems. This process can be repeated indefinitely.

When this process is used, different kinds of gems level differently.

  • An attack stat gem increases by 50.
  • A magic stat gem increases by 25.
  • A shield stat gem increases by 25.
  • A health stat gem increases by 10.

Other RecipesEdit

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