Gem Set

Siris equipped with the full set.

The Gem set is an equipment set found in the negative rebirths of Infinity Blade II. It focuses very highly on customization using Gems. Thus, it is highly recommended to obtain a good number of high-powered gems and a high amount of stat points in the regular rebirths before entering the Negative Rebirths. It is composed of the following items:

The Gem Armor grants 4 Dodge points and the Gem Shield grants resistance to all elements (spectrum defense). Other than that, the only equipment bonuses you can have in the negative bloodlines are from gems.

With the entire set worn, the player will have the opportunity to wield 11 Circle gems, 2 Hexagon Gems, 2 Triangle Gems, and 1 Square Gem.

While the entire set is equipped (with either the Shard, Axe, or Blades), the player receives the "On Challenge Gem Forge" bonus. This means that as long as a battle's Challenge requirements are met, any gem forge started before the fight will be finished afterwards. This also applies to XP bonus requirements on the original rebirths.

The Gem set can be unlocked for purchase and use in the normal rebirths after mastering each part of the gem set. After that, each piece may be purchased for a measly 100 gold pieces each in the normal bloodlines.

The Gem set's items are the only items you cannot use gold pieces to instantly master. Each part of the set takes 250,000 XP to master.

Gem Set
Gem Type/Weapon: Circle Gem Square Gem Diamond Gem Hexagon Gem Triangle Gem

Gem Shard ✦

Gem Axe ✦

Gem Blades ✦

1 1
Gem Shield ✦✦ 3
Gem Helm 4
Gem Armor ✦✦✦ 2 1
Gem Circle 2 1 1
Total: 11 1 0 2 2

✦ The Gem Weapons also have 2 gem additional gem slots, as follows:

✦✦ The Gem Shield comes with Prism Defense

✦✦✦ The Gem Armor includes +4 Dodge Points


  • The Gem set is a darker, reskinned version of the Worn set.
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