Gems are an inventory item introduced in Infinity Blade II and continued in Infinity Blade III. They allow further equipment customization and can be applied in a piece of equipment's gem slots. There are eight differently shaped gems that offer various kinds of bonuses.

Circle gemsEdit

Circle gems are used to increase the stats of the character, namely Health, Attack, Shield and Magic. They are by far the most commonly usable gems which may appear on any kind of item.

They can be found anywhere gems are receivable.

Color Type Standard Gem Cap
Attack cgem Attack 200
Magic cgem Magic 200
Health cgem Health 50
Shield cgem Shield 60

Rare Circle Gem and LevelingEdit

GemCircle copy
Forging a capped attack gem, and a capped indoor and outdoor attack gem, (ex. +200 attack) yields a Rare Stat Gem. Forging a rare stat gem together with two high stat standard gems (capped are also fine) yields a higher-level rare stat gem. For example, an attack stat gem must be more than +100. This process can be repeated indefinitely. When this process is used, different kinds of gems level differently.

Color Type Initial Rare Gem Levels by

High Stat Standard Gem

Attack cgem Attack 250 50 ≥ 100
Magic cgem Magic 250 25 ≥ 100
Health cgem Health 60 10 ≥ 40
Shield cgem Shield 75 25 ≥ 45

As an example, forging an Attack + 250 gem, Attack + 134 gem, Attack + 149 gem will result in an Attack +300 gem.

Hexagon gemsEdit

GemHex copy
Hexagon gems are a special kind of gem which grants unique bonuses. What makes them special is that up to two hexagon gems can be equipped at any one time, but for a second to be used from something other than armor, the Paga Circle, Iridix or Gem Circle must be equipped, being the only equipment other than armor possessing a hexagon gem slot.

They can be found anywhere gems are receivable.

Appearance Name Function Cap
Shield hgem On Magic Get

$ x $ Shield

125 Shield
Health hgem Bonus Health Gem On Magic Get

$ x $ Health

2500 Health
Xp hgem XP+ Gem 125%
Parry hgem On Perfect Parry Stun Titan 3s -
Titan-break hgem Titan Break Gem

Titan Break +1

Titan Break +2

Gold hgem Bonus Gold+ Gem 37%
Gold hgem Bonus Rare+ Gem Drop Rare Items 25%
Rare XP Gem +1000 XP on Hit -

A special gem called the Rare XP Gem, which grants 1,000 XP on every hit (but not slashes, if you use a heavy weapon), is a dark red hexagon gem.

  • Circle gems - Add stat points.
  • Square gems - Add elemental attack. In Infinity Blade III, also add Attack Charge and Stab/Slash damage boosts.
  • Diamond gems - Add elemental defense/drop bonuses.
  • Triangle gems - Add combat bonuses.
  • Hexagon gems - Add drop, magic, combat and charge bonuses.
  • Light gems - Add combo bonuses (including abilities) and titan speed reductions. In Infinity Blade III, also add super/magic charge and Parry Attack Charge.
  • Heavy gems - Add block and slash bonuses.
  • Dual gems - Magic/parry/stab bonuses.
  • Star gem slot - Diamond, Hexagon, Triangle, Square and Circle gems can all fit inside. (IB3 only)

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