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IMG 0136.png
Type Giant enemy
Subtype Deathless
Drops Dragoor Bone
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +95
Bonus PoisonIB1.png +15
Chain +4
Speed +3

Gortoel is a Deathless giant enemy and one of the three Deathless Kings imprisoned in the dungeon under the Temple of Lantimor in Infinity Blade. Gortoel is initially level 100, and 200 in New Game+. Only by restarting the game in bloodline 1 can Gortoel be fought again. He can also be fought on Round 17 of Survival Mode.


Gortoel is only available if the player has purchased the Infinity Blade and unlocked the small white obelisk in the dungeon of the Castle. Once the player unlocks the obelisk, three doors open up within the dungeon. The furthest door on the right is Gortoel's chamber.

Gortoel returns in ClashMobs in Infinity Blade II, with the rather unfitting sound of most of the human enemies in the Regular category.


Appearing as a large troll-like creature, Gortoel is the only Deathless King who appears to lack intelligence. He also seems to feed on his opponents after he defeats them, as seen by the bones lying around the room. Upon entering Gortoel's room, he walks towards Siris, reaching over to take a pole with a skeleton tied to it to use as a weapon. After a few furious howls later, he is ready for combat.


Gortoel, being a higher level enemy, deals the most raw damage of any of the Deathless Kings. Unlike other larger enemies, he is significantly faster, and deals additional Dark damage, so equipping a shield defending against this, such as the Phoenix Guard, Cloven, The Maiden, or Vulcanis, is highly recommended. Dodging his attacks is an easy, but prolonged way to defeat him. If you are fast enough to parry his attacks, this is also recommended. 

Gortoel ready for combat

He is immune to Shock, Drain, Poison, Light and Dark, so the ideal weapon to equip would be the Infinity Blade, or a Fire or Ice type weapon (unless you've already defeated Ealoseum and received the Dragoor Blade). Upon defeat, Gortoel drops the Dragoor Bone, a shield with +65 to Shield, and immunities to Fire, Shock, and Drain.


  • In Infinity Blade: Redemption, Gortoel is revealed to have been a bodyguard of Galath[1].
  • He is the only Deathless King who does not speak to Siris.
  • An interview with Donald Mustard revealed that Gortoel actually chose his form.



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