Helio Armor
Armor Helio.png
Type Armor
Price Gp-icon.png 204,000
Sells for
Gp-icon.png 51,000
Gp-icon.png 102,000
Health stat 34 (2040 hp)
XP to master 18,000
Equipped by Raidriar (IB1)
Found in Infinity Blade I
The personal armor of the God-King himself, created using [arcane] metallurgical technologies.[src]
The Helio Armor is a set of silver-colored armor worn by the God King in Infinity Blade I. It can be bought in the store for Gp-icon.png 204,000 and takes 18,000 XP to master. It boosts health by 34 points.

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"Tell me, Hero... what do you call yourself?"

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Helio Armor
Type Armor
Locked Yes
Price Gp-icon.png 102,000
Sells for Gp-icon.png 25,500
Health stat 40 (2000 hp)
Dodge points 5 (7 Dual) (?)
XP to master 48,000
Hexagon gem 1
Found in Infinity Blade II
The Helio Armor is a armor found in Infinity Blade II. It can be unlocked through rolling Rare Prize Wheels or opening medium or large chests (depending on rebirth level). It has 40 health points (2000 health) and 5 dodge points (7 dual) It is currently the sixth most powerful armor, after Titan Mail, Night Armor, Seratic Armor, Aegis Armor and Omega Armor XOS-7. This armor is equipped by the Classic God King should the player have entered negative bloodlines.

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