Horned Guardian
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Type Large enemy
Weapon Iron Claw
Shield Grummun
Helmet Titanium Horn
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Infinity Blade III
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +25
Chain 2
Speed 1
The Horned Guardian is a large Titan found in the entire Infinity Blade trilogy. He is the weakest and slowest playable titan.


The Horned Guardian is the first Titan seen in the advertising for Infinity Blade I, the starting titan in the Infinity Blade multiplayer, and possibly the most common to see throughout the game as a whole. Horned Guardians are generally regarded as the most recognizable Titan in the game.

IMG 0752

The Horned Guardian in Infinity Blade 2

In Infinity Blade II, several titans share the same "horned" description of this one. He is, however, unique in that his color scheme and apparel do not match those of the new horned titans. The Executioner uses the Horned Guardian voice instead of that titan's own in the sequel.


Move 1Edit

Shield charge, sword and shield bash, diagonal sword swipe.

Dodge the shield charge. He can be stabbed in the stomach after the charge. If you don't see the stab point, dodge to the left to avoid the sword and shield bash. Hit the stab point of his ribs. This stab point is always there, but if you miss it, dodge to the left.

Move 2Edit

Horizontal sword swipe, vertical sword swipe.

This move is unique to the Horned Guardian, although the first hit is very similar to the first hit of one of the God Kings special moves. The first hit can't be dodged, so block or parry it. Remember that if his sword has an element that your shield isn't immune to, this will be a broken block. In this case parry it. He can be stabbed in the ribs after this hit. If you miss it or don't see it, dodge, block or parry the next hit.

Move 3Edit

Head charge, vertical sword swipe.

Dodge the head charge. He can be stabbed in the ribs after the charge. If you don't see it, block the next hit. It can be dodged, but precise timing is needed, just as he starts to swing. Not before, not after. Parrying isn't recommended.


This tip isn't just for the Horned Guardian but for all medium sized enemies. When they do the shield charge, and you dodge, you may or may not see the stab point. When they do it again, dodge the opposite way from what you did last time and you will see the stab point. Next time the dodge the opposite way again. Dodging the same way every time results in you seeing the stab point only every second time.

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