Infinity Blade: Dungeons
Infinity blade dungeons
Developer Epic Games
Release Date 2013[1]
Platform iOS
Devices Unknown
Mode(s) Unknown
Distribution Digital Distribution
Succeeded by Infinity Blade I

Infinity Blade: Dungeons was a planned prequel to Infinity Blade I set in the award-winning Infinity Blade universe. It was to be released some time in 2013[1] exclusively for iOS devices. It was unveiled at GDC 2012 by Epic Games.[2]

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is set several thousand years prior to the events in the classic Infinity Blade series. Players would have assumed the role of an apprentice weaponsmith who serves the "Master of the Forge", sent forth on a quest to collect materials and forge the Infinity Blade.[3]

The Infinity Blade: Dungeons project was officially canceled in 2013, after developer Impossible Studios was shut down in February, just six months after it was originally formed.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike the other Infinity Blade games, Infinity Blade Dungeons would have been played by using joystick and button controls which would appear on the screen. Players would have been able to control their character by touching the screen to the desired location. Combat would involve swiping and connecting lines between enemies to perform combo attacks. A dynamic camera would follow the character allowing for zooming in and out along with different camera angles. Players would also explore multiple dungeons as they progress throughout the game. Enemies like the Iron Golem might have made a return, as seen in the official demo. The graphics would have taken advantage of the new iPad's retina display and quad-core graphics processor. Players would have also been able to collect ores which can be used to craft weapons unlike in the previous games.                      

The plot of the game has the player play assistant to the Worker, who is forging the Infinity Blade.



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