Infinity Blade Origins is a short video that serves as a recap of the Infinity Blade story and introduction to Infinity Blade III. It was created by Ben Hibon and narrated by John Noble.  The player can watch it again in the options menu or defeat Galath.

Infinity Blade Origins

Infinity Blade Origins


This world was broken.

Screaming for salvation.

Into fire and blood and treachery, you were born...

My majestic blade!

Immortal. Invincible. The Deathless came.

Caressed the throats of weak humanity.

To kill the immortal is impossible, they said.

But I, The Worker of Secrets, embraced a Deathless warlord...

And forged you!

A weapon to slay the un-slayable!

The warlord betrayed us! Stole you from me!

I was entombed! Deep in his Vault of Tears!

He was Ausar the Vile...

Consumed by your infinite light, you burnt his very soul!

Both of you, lifeless.

Tearing you from Ausar's corpse, the God King whispered...


And death had its day after day.

A ritual slaughter... fathers and avenging sons... All doomed.

Until at last... a warrior came with a true and noble heart.

He'd slay the mighty God King...

Anoint you with immortal blood...

And so unleash your glory!

The warrior was Siris.

He unknowingly gave you life...

And foolishly gave us freedom.

I am Father of the Deathless!

Creator and Destroyer of all!

And Siris is our enemy... he is Ausar reborn!

Now, my secret vengeance...

The world shall know your name!!!

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