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Welcome to the Infinity Blade Wiki!

We are now under new management, well, active management, because not too long ago, this wiki's community deteriorated and was left without loyal administrators, resulting in a bit of a mess of what remained. However, a few brave warriors took up arms and went on a quest of restoration. Today, you can find them here, working away paving the foundations of the new-age wiki.

Right now, unlike most wikis, our mission is less about creating pages and adding content than getting what we do have under control. As you could expect, the organisation rapidly declined, so now we now have the job of cleaning everything up.

Mission Objectives[]

Equipment Pages[]

Originally, there were plans in mind to create pages for every weapon, shield, ring etc. With Infinity Blade III out, and taking note of the disorganised situation, it became obvious that it would in fact be easier and more efficient to just compile groups of items and their stats on single pages, using templates and tables for an easy comparison and reference. So, we are now looking at a mass deletion of equipment pages as to better manage the extensive content we have to present. Before we can do so, we must ensure all the relevant information is transferred to an active page. In terms of Weapons, Shields, Helmets, Armor, and Rings, the following data…

  • Name
  • Weapon type
  • Price
  • Sell price
  • XP to master
  • Stats and gems
  • Hidden or not
  • Version added

…will be retrieved and inserted onto compilation pages, those mentioned above. Sprites (images of just the items) are also needed for each piece of Equipment. This is an active project and you may ask an admin the current status of the project and what areas you could help out with.

Titan Pages[]

Similar to equipment, there is an excessive number of Titan pages that expectedly skyrocketed even further with Infinity Blade III coming in. With no one to manage each individual page, another mess developed that needs to be cleaned up. The good thing is that all the Titans are known, as well as how they attack. They are listed on the Titans page, with just a matter of confirming a few small details, before an organised list with images and brief descriptions can be made on just the single page.


At the current time, categories are not actively monitored. It is too difficult with the many pages, most not even needed. Once there are several deletion rounds and pages can be properly tracked, more details will be given on how best to go about adding categories to pages. It is emphasised categories are not added in the current situation as not to further complicate the web of pages.

Other IB3 Stuff[]

New pages such as Goals and Skills have been created for the new features of the game. They are under construction and require gradual improvement.

What's left…[]

Without every page being properly categorized, there are pages here and there that still need some help, but are not known about or actively improved. Have a look around to see if there is anything that could do with a lift up. The Character pages are one area to consider.


Old to-do list.

To-do list infinity blade infinity blade 2 infinity blade wiki infinity blade dungeons wiki

The information found here is transcluded from this page. Feel free to update the section as necessary.

DELETE pages for Infinity Blade II items.
Resources Specification Status
List of light weapon pages for Infinity Blade II Light Weapons Incomplete
List of heavy weapon pages for Infinity Blade II Heavy Weapons Incomplete
List of dual weapon pages for Infinity Blade II Dual Weapons Incomplete
Shields Incomplete
List of helmet pages for Infinity Blade II Helmets Incomplete
List of armor pages for Infinity Blade II Armor Incomplete
List of ring pages for Infinity Blade II Rings Incomplete
Clean up articles in need of cleanup.
Resources Specification Status
List of pages N/A Incomplete
Point links to disambiguations to the intended articles.
Resources Specification Status
List of pages linking to disambiguations N/A Incomplete
Expand article stubs.
Resources Specification Status
List of stubs N/A Incomplete
Add sprite-like images to all item infoboxes.
Resources Specification Status
Image Database (IB1) IB1 Weapons Incomplete
Image Database (IB2) IB1 Shields Incomplete
Image Database (IB2)/Help IB1 Helmets Incomplete
IB1 Armor Incomplete
IB1 Rings Incomplete
IB2 Light Weapons Incomplete
IB2 Heavy Weapons Incomplete
IB2 Dual Weapons Incomplete
IB2 Shields Incomplete
IB2 Helmets Incomplete
IB2 Armor Incomplete
IB2 Rings Incomplete
Add original screenshots (source should be retina device or tablet) to all item articles (in a gallery).
Resources Specification Status
Special:UnusedFiles - Good source of unused screenshots.
IB1 Weapon List IB1 Weapons Incomplete
IB1 Shield List IB1 Shields Incomplete
IB1 Helmet List IB1 Helmets Incomplete
IB1 Armor List IB1 Armor Incomplete
IB1 Ring List IB1 Rings Incomplete
IB2 Weapon List IB2 Weapons Incomplete
IB2 Shield List IB2 Shields Incomplete
IB2 Helmet List IB2 Helmets Incomplete
IB2 Armor List IB2 Armor Incomplete
IB2 Ring List IB2 Rings Incomplete
Add official descriptions to all relevant Infinity Blade I and Infinity Blade II articles.
Resources Specification Status
File:IB Classic Manual.pdf Weapons Incomplete
Shields Incomplete
Helmets Incomplete
Armor Incomplete
Rings Incomplete
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