Items can be found throughout the game in most scenes. The only items found through this method include Elixirs and Money Bags. Equipment are obtained as battle rewards or through the in-game store, accessed via the Pause button and in the Character menu.

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These are elixirs inside glass bottles that give abilities in battle that help the player beat the Titans battled or to give extra XP points. These are:

Full Health-Refills your entire health to max.

Health Regen-Refills your health while in battle.(Ordinary-10 per sec. Large-100 per sec.)

Shield Regen-Refills your shield in battle 1 per sec.

Double XP-Multiplies your XP after battle by two.

They can be bought in the supplies section in the store or dropped by titans and found in chests. Only the Full Health potion can be found in the environment.


These are, quite simply, bags containing coins. You can find them littered throughout almost every scene encountered. Before choosing any route or battling any of the guards, take the time to look around the area for these coin bags. A single sack contains upwards of 30 gold. Coins are also obtained as battle rewards.

One sack in IB1 that is easy to miss is located in the scene where you run across the castle's parapet, just before climbing the vines up to an Assassin. After the battle with one of the guards on the stairs, you will have to touch the balcony above you to proceed. After your hero jumps over the railing, grab the coin bag just on the outside edge of the railing before the scene changes.

Coins are used to purchase equipment in the game store. They can also be used to instantly master any equipment. The cost of mastering depends on how much Experience Points (EXP) more is required.

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