Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.

Kuuth was a wise and ancient troll that served under Raidriar at his palace in Lantimor. Upon death, Kuuth was nearly forty years old, which was a very old age among trolls.[1]


In his early years, Kuuth was part of the God King's forces. However, his service ended when Siris' father (or earlier incarnation) engaged him in combat and defeated him. To avoid being slain by his own kind (as is custom), Kuuth blinded himself so that a younger troll would not take his honor and he would be left to die in exile.

Despite his abandonment, Kuuth survived. When Raidriar was slain by Siris years later, Kuuth took command of the forces that remained in the God King's palace at Lantimor. By this time, he had gained great respect amongst his kind as he had reached an age much beyond that of most other trolls. He later gave command to Siris when he returned to Lantimor after being turned away by the elders of Drem's Maw.

Kuuth helped Siris come to terms with many of the foreign concepts of the Deathless such as deadmind mirrors, the Pantheon, and the technology involved with summoning the Infinity Blade. Most importantly, however, Kuuth told Siris of the Worker of Secrets: legendary creator of the Infinity Blade and the potential power it had to permanently slay the Deathless. Upon finishing answering all of Siris' questions, Kuuth asked Siris to stay at the palace and rule over them. Despite the tempting offer, Siris refused.

After an encounter with Isa, an assassin, and two golems, Siris began to question the loyalty of the forces left by the God King. As he started to interrogate one daeril, Strix, Siris sensed something behind him and slashed out with the Infinity Blade. The slash struck Kuuth, who was about to smash him with his club. As he was dying, Kuuth told that he served his true master, Raidriar, as all his kind were created to do. From Kuuth's final words, Siris was able to determine that having Kuuth ask him to stay was part of a plan set by the God King.[1]


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