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"Tell me, Hero... what do you call yourself?"

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"You're fast, but young. How many times have you died? Two? Three? You learn something from each death-as you'll come to see."

—Lelindre to Isa before their fight
Type Regular enemy
Subtype Deathless
Alias The Mistress of the End
Weapon The Infinity Daggers

Lelindre, the Mistress of the End, is said to be one of the most powerful and ancient Deathless, and is presumably the High Lord of House Kor. She is the third boss Isa fights and is armed with The Infinity Daggers.


Infinity Blade III

After fighting through the many Titans of the Pinnacle Monastery, Isa confronts Lelindre herself, shooting a bolt from her crossbow as usual. However, Lelindre catches Isa's bolt in mid-air, and remarks on how young Isa is for a Deathless and questions how many times she has died. She proceeds to unsheath her dual Infinity Daggers before engaging battle. During the fight, Lelindre smashes Isa against a pillar with wind magic, incapacitating her and allowing Lelindre to ready the finishing blow at Isa's throat. However, she decides to spare Isa, reveal the Worker's plans and location as well as offer her the Infinity Daggers.

After the Worker's defeat, Siris confronts Lelindre in the Pinnacle Monastery about the fate of the Ark. Lelindre tells him that if he defeats her, she will answer his question. She engages in battle with him, and after she is defeated, shows Siris The Map to Heaven before dying from her wounds, revealing the location of Varun. Despite being Deathless, it was confirmed that she met a true death at the hands of Siris. This is likely because Siris used one of the Infinity Weapons on her during the battle, killing her once and for all.


  • Saving super attacks and magic would benefit greatly, as Lelindre strikes hard and fast. She possesses many physical moves (kicks, punches, cartwheels) that can not be parried.
  • You can also hold the shield button while using a light weapon and wait for the breaks, but make sure you have a good shield.

Boss Stats

Lelindre is a boss Deathless, which means she is always equipped with a Titan perk after level 1000.



  • Lelindre is one of the few known Deathless to refuse the Worker's salvation, the others being Raidriar, Siris, and Isa.
  • Lelindre's dialogue with Siris suggests that she and Ausar may have been intimate or romantically involved in the past. In keeping with this theory, she may be the woman seen beside the statue of Ausar in the Shrine.
  • Donald Mustard has confirmed Lelindre's death. It is unknown why she died after her battle with Siris as an Infinity weapon is the only thing that can kill a Deathless. However, Siris had already obtained the Infinity Cleaver and Infinity Swords by this time, so it can be assumed that he used them during the battle.
  • Unlike the other deathless, Lelindre is not fond of her immortality or perceive herself as eternal and she's fine with dying the final death.