Type Monstrosity
Subtype Blood sentinel
Found in Infinity Blade II

The MX-Goliath is the third blood sentinel found in Infinity Blade II. It is a mechanical enemy operated by the Blood Sentinel III. The MX-Goliath is the only monstrosity that doesn't devour Siris after a fatal bite attack.

He can drop a large key after defeated for the first time in a new game.


When Siris enters the seal chamber, he finds the Blood Sentinel tinkering with a large machine. Siris assumes that he serves the Deathless, and urges him to leave. He then states that he doesn't serve the Deathless, but is guarding the Vault of Tears as part of the Great Pact. Siris prepares to battle him, and the Blood Sentinel leaps into the machine, bringing it to life.


The MX-Goliath is first encountered at level 100 with no resistances or elemental attacks. The MX-Goliath itself is a monstrosity, therefore possessing high health and powerful attacks. The player should have reasonably high stats in health and attack, and possibly in dodge and shield depending on the weapon class used. A ring with a Heal spell is also highly recommended if not familiar with the fighting techniques of monstrosities.

Beginners should use Light or Heavy weapons with a block damage/heal gem so they will be able to block, since arm-based monstrosity attacks are impossible to parry, and only a few of them can be dodged.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Siris finishes the MX-Goliath by jumping onto its back and stabbing into the exoskeleton. It is assumed that this also kills the Blood Sentinel.
  • After you defeat the MX-Goliath and come back to the place it was in the next rebirth, if you are equipped with a Solar-Trans Weapon, you can meet Ryth.
  • The MX-Goliath appears again in Clashmob 2.0, in Infinity Blade III.
    MX Goliath

    Clash Mob 2.0, MXG



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