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Maps or treasure maps are items in Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III that reveal where and how the player can obtain certain special rewards. Twelve maps were added in IB2 v1.2, eleven of which are completed in Saranthia (the Wet Loot Map is completed in Saydhi's Estate). Seven more maps were added in v1.3. There are a few hidden maps in Infinity Blade III that can be unlocked from special requirements. Map rewards can't be claimed unless the map is in the player's inventory. If Siris or Isa make a sound when opening a map, it means you still haven't claimed the reward.

Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears (v1.2)
The Vile Map Gp-icon.png 1,000
Worn Treasure Map Gp-icon.png 4,500
Key Treasure Map Gp-icon.png 8,000
Victor's Spoils Map Gp-icon.png 8,000
Wet Loot Map Gp-icon.png 12,000
Old Treasure Map Gp-icon.png 20,000
The Faceplate Map Gp-icon.png 25,000
Scholar's Map Gp-icon.png 40,000
Light Forge Map Gp-icon.png 50,000
Crown Map Gp-icon.png 175,000
Faded Loot Map Gp-icon.png 200,000
Dusty Treasure Map Gp-icon.png 210,000
Infinity Blade II: Skycages (v1.3)
Tree Map Gp-icon.png 20,000
Gruff Map Gp-icon.png 120,000
Etched Map Gp-icon.png 170,000
Arena Map Gp-icon.png 180,000
Mechanics Map Gp-icon.png 250,000
Bloody Map Gp-icon.png 350,000
Rune Map Gp-icon.png 750,000

Infinity Blade III

Map Price (Chips) Location of reward Reward Version
The Map of Life (hidden) Found in first medium chest Larioth Steel Hatchet 1.0
The Plate Map 100 The Pit Tangle 1.0
Map of the Forgotten 150 Broken Tower Khill 1.0
Kuero's Cache Map 225 Pinnacle Monastery Phage 1.0
The Root Map 350 Broken Tower Paga Circle 1.0
Soiled Map 450 Seccian Desert Turquoise Band 1.0
Hearth Map 500 Drem's Maw The Still Blade 1.3
Ancient Map 600 The Ark Rare Prize Wheel 1.0
Scorched Map 750 Nafusaan Mountains Rare Gold Gem 1.4
The Potion map Read to the end of Infinity Blade: Redemption Hideout 100 attack potion 1.0
The Warrior's Map 900 Metius Observatory Rare Attack Gem 1.3
Tomb of the Vile 1000 The Plains of Koroth Rare XP Gem 1.3
Map of the Looter 1200 Crevasse Noe Mercy 1.3
The Obscure Map 1500 Metius Observatory Black Fire Map 1.3
Black Fire Map (hidden) The Obscure Map Seccian Desert Rare Darkfire Gem 1.3
Star Map 2000 Metius Observatory Solar Trans-GX 1.4
Map of the Sacrifice 2000 Temple of Lantimor Solar Trans-JX 1.4
Map of Ash and Sorrow (hidden) Dropped by Ba'el Vault of Tears Rare Fire Gem 1.0
The Map to Heaven Dropped by Lelindre Metius Observatory The Origin 1.0