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Marrow Fiend
Marrow fiend.jpg
Type Large enemy
Weapon Marrow
Shield Osseous
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +30
Chain +3
Speed +2

The Marrow Fiend is a large enemy introduced in the first update of the game. Its weapon is the Marrow and its shield is the Osseous. Both are very possibly made from the bones of previously defeated enemies. It is also found in Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III

The Marrow Fiend can be encountered in the first battle on the path up to the castle, the second battle at the castles entrance, or the seventh battle on the staircase.

It fights like most medium-sized enemies. Here is a guide to some of its moves.

Move one

Shield charge, the horizontal sword swipe, then vertical sword swipe.

It can be stabbed in the ribs after the shield charge. If you dont see the stab point, put your shield up to block the horizontal sword swipe (parrying isn't recommended as it is very fast) and the vertical sword swipe can dodged, blocked, or parried, but it is recommended you dodge it so that you get the stab point in the head.

Move two

Head charge, then diagonal sword swipe.

It can be stabbed in the chest after the head charge. If you don’t see it, dodge to the left. However, make sure you get the right timing. If you dodge too early, you will be hit. If you leave it too late you will be hit, so make sure it is just as it begins to swing its sword. You could of course just block. Again, parrying isn't recommended as precise timing is needed.

Move three

Vertical sword slice, vertical sword slice, face kick, vertical sword slice.

This move, unlike the other meduim-sized enemies, is unique to the Marrow Fiend. The first two swipes can be dodged, blocked, or parried. If you dodged or parried the first two, it is recommended you block the face kick as it often comes too fast to dodge. Last hit can be dodged, blocked, or parried.


  • The Marrow Fiend's sounds are adopted by many enemies in Infinity Blade II. One of them is The Dark Knight.
  • The Marrow Fiend's weapons remain the same in Infinity Blade III, like the Fel Siren, as opposed to other enemies being able to use a variety of different weapons and shields.
  • The Marrow, a light weapon, is implied to be made from the corpse of a Marrow Fiend. However, for some reason, the Marrow Fiend himself wields this weapon.