Infinity Blade Wiki
Oslim official art.jpg
Type Large enemy
Subtype Deathless
Alias The Deathless Bloodmage
Weapon The Infinity Swords
Starting level 100

Oslim, the Deathless Bloodmage, is a Deathless that was added in the Soul Hunter update released on October 31, 2013. Galath sends him after Siris and Isa with the Infinity Swords, which signifies that he is higher in rank than Melek and Terrovax, who have not been handed an Infinity Weapon. Oslim is the only male boss to wield dual weapons using a reverse grip.


Infinity Blade III[]

Not much is known about the Bloodmage, other than the fact that he is working (or rather, worked) for the Worker of Secrets. He ambushes Siris/Isa in the Metius Observatory, and remarks that the Worker "will be pleased" that he has found him/her. After defeating Oslim, the player gains the Infinity Swords.


If playing as Siris:

  • Oslim: The Worker will be pleased when I bring him the corpse of Ausar the Vile.
  • Siris: Not today.

If playing as Isa:

  • Oslim: Ah, good. The Worker will reward me well for the corpse of Isa.
  • Isa: Hmm, okay. I like how you elongated your head so much.

None of the dialogue is subtitled.


  • It is unknown how Oslim knows Isa's name, but it is presumed he was briefed by the Worker.