Plated Sorok
Plated sorok
Type Large enemy
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +35
Bonus IceIB1 +10
Chain +3
Speed +4

The Plated Sorok is a twin-bladed large enemy found in the entire Infinity Blade trilogy. He can be located in the dungeons of the castle or on the balcony outside. It wields dual weapons similar to the Poison Scythe. The Plated Sorok is fought on Round 8 in Survival Mode.

One of the fury chains uses completely vertical sword spins. If it is blocked, the Sorok does not break, and in Infinity Blade I, parrying simply resets the Sorok's attacking stance.

In Infinity Blade II, this attack can be broken by parrying during the fury chain, or center-ducking the final sweeping hit.


  • In IB1, the Plated Sorok wears gold armor, while in IB2 and IB3 it wears silver armor.
  • The Plated Sorok is also one of the only two dual-wielding regular enemies in IB1, the other being the Wood Jester.
  • During the events of Infinity Blade II, the Plated Sorok's voicebank was largely recycled and used for almost all human titans. Other consistent voicebank recycles are the Iron Golem and the Marrow Fiend, where even human enemies growled inhumanely.
  • IB3 sees a change in the Plated Sorok's voicebank.
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