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The Quantum Identity Pattern, or QIP, is an intricate network of quantum entanglement and superposition that allows you to keep your personality and identity even after your body has died. It is also known as an individual's "soul". TEL describes QIP as "similar to, but completely separate from, a person's physical DNA".[1]

Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.

It is revealed in Infinity Blade II that the Worker of Secrets is able to disable the QIP of a Deathless, granting permanent death. This is shown when he performs the action by pressing something on Thane's back, causing him to writhe on the ground and die. During this, a large amount of blue light is given off. When used with the Redeemer, the same light effect occurs, as shown in Infinity Blade III when Siris stabs the Worker of Secrets with the Infinity Blade equipped with the Redeemer. In Infinity Blade III, when the Worker impales Raidriar with the activated Infinity Blade, yellow, orange, and blue streaks come out of the wound, which is assumed to be components of Raidriar's QIP.

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