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Type Large Enemy
Subtype Deathless
Gender Female
Occupation Information Dealer
Found in Infinity Blade II
IB: Awakening

Saydhi is one of the Deathless. At her estate, she offers a boon to anyone who defeats her champion, Genno.


Infinity Blade II

After defeating her guards and champion in single combat, Siris requests the answer to his question as his reward. Saydhi initially turns down this request, instead suggesting that he be her new champion and be rewarded with riches, power, and women.

Saydhi's Estate. It is the same place where Siris fights Raidriar for his second time.

When Siris insists, she reluctantly agrees to answer him, but becomes suspicious of who he is when he asks about where the Worker of Secrets is imprisoned. She upholds her end of the bargain by answering the question before engaging Siris in battle herself. Siris battles her, but takes a column of fire to the chest, causing him to fall to his knees. While Saydhi is gloating, Siris heals himself and stabs her in the chest, killing her permanently with the Infinity Blade. Siris then notes that his finishing move was not part of the forms, but rather desperate, yet effective. Siris is then tricked into giving the Infinity Blade to Raidriar, who then appears after Saydhi's death, and takes the Infinity Blade from Siris. He thanks Siris for killing Saydhi revealing he had a suspicion that she would take the sword and betray him. Siris is subsequently shot in the head by Isa before Raidriar can kill him to prevent Siris from dying a true death.

Saydhi Speaking to Siris in IB2



  • In her garden you can find The Herring, a large herring fish that can be used as a weapon. It is under the first bridge, but you need the Wet Loot Map. It is the only treasure you can find in her estate.
  • Saydhi and Ryth are the only two Deathless in IB2 lacking spectrum defense.
  • She is the only Deathless without an alias, which is supposed to be a skull, but instead is an exclamation mark. Just like Ryth, you don't have to start a new rebirth because the symbol is not a skull.
  • Infinity Blade:Awakening describe her as a quite good-looking under her mask.