Stone Demon
Stone Demon
Type Giant enemy
Subtype Blood sentinel
Weapon a larger version of The Ancient
Found in Infinity Blade II

The Stone Demon is a giant enemy and the second blood sentinel, guarding the second seal securing the Vault of Tears. The Plated Guard actually appears in front of the second seal until Siris approaches the area. This causes the Stone Demon to suddenly fall and crush the Plated Guard, followed by battle.

In the fiction podcast, it is revealed that the Stone Demon is not actually a sentient being. It is actually "robotic" in nature, as TEL is.


When first encountered, the Stone Demon will be at level 75 with no resistances or elemental attacks. It is a giant enemy, meaning that it utilizes brute strength dished out through a combination of sword and melee attacks. It is not recommended that the Stone Demon be the first Blood Sentinel engaged due to its power and high level. Be sure to have good health, attack, and defense to engage the Stone Demon. Also, having a good supply of magic for healing is useful as well.


  • The Stone Demon is the only Blood Sentinel not to have any dialogue with Siris. The only dialogue to take place before the battle is spoken by the Plated Guard.


  • Plated Guard: "How dare you desecrate this sacred place?! Impudent whelp! I will cut the flesh from your bones! I will -" <gets crushed by the falling Stone Demon>

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