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The story of Infinity Blade is told through three games and two novels. This wiki article tells the complete story of Infinity Blade in chronological order. The story follows Uriel, a man working for Galath. After the fall of mankind, the story is shown from the perspective of many different Deathless.

Deathless Origin

There once was a time when humans were extraordinarily advanced in their technological pursuits, culminating in the creation of inorganic teleportation. One statistician for this project was Uriel. He was a brilliant, antisocial man. He had a wife and a son, though he rarely saw them due to his tendency to stay late at the office (his wife didn’t mind, though). Despite working endless hours on the teleportation project, he came to the conclusion that teleportation would never live up to the high expectations of his CEO, Mr. Galath. The ultimate goal was to create teleportation amongst living beings. Unfortunately, the statistics and numbers just weren’t adding up. Members of Uriel’s team were being reassigned to a different, top-secret project. After some investigating, Uriel confronted his co-worker, Adram. When asked, Adram said "I'm gonna live forever," implying that they were developing a method to harness somebody’s soul (Quantum Identity Pattern), to become immortal. This was known as the Omega Project.

Troubled with this knowledge, Uriel came home from work early. To his surprise, he found his wife having an affair with Adram. At the sight of Uriel, Adram attempted to flee the scene in his car, but instead ran over Jori--Uriel’s son--by accident.

Upon seeing his lifeless son, Uriel swiftly murdered Adram. After this, all seemed lost. His wife was a cheat; his son was on the brink of death. However, Uriel realized there was a solution to this problem: the Omega Project. Uriel brought Jori’s body to Galath, and asked him and his scientists to bring back Jori as a Deathless. Galath valued the idea of raising a "youth with no preconceptions", and agreed to grant Jori immortality.

“The world is a broken, ruined place,” Uriel said. “I want you to make it better. Stop them from fighting, son. Take away their guns and their bombs. They don’t deserve what they’ve been given. Mankind had a chance to reach the stars—but all they did was use that ability to cast down fire upon one another. Eyes always downward, never toward the lights above . . .”

“I’m scared,” Jori said.

“I know.” Uriel kissed him on the forehead. The only beautiful thing left in the world. Uriel took off his wristwatch, including the datachips. “Take this. Look at the numbers. Understand them. Read what I have written. It is all you’ll have of me. Be a king, son. Be a king.”


Jori took this to heart, and it became his new identity: The God King.

Deathless Infighting

“The world will destroy itself,” Galath said. “It does this periodically. I simply intend to ride that wave of destruction, to shape what develops next.

Galath, now revealed to be an immortal, is shown to have witnessed and guided the destruction of the world with his technology. From the ashes, they would rise and take control of the world. The Deathless he created would rule their own territories. Granted the title ‘The Worker of Secrets’ after his creation of the Infinity Blade, he ruled humanity unchallenged with the help of fellow Deathless, Ausar The Vile. For dozens of these "cycles", he destroyed and ruled the world in this fashion.

The Worker, being an incomprehensibly ancient being, assumed that he would eventually be betrayed by Ausar. The Worker believed he understood Ausar, and calculated when Ausar would betray him. Ausar, however, betrayed the Worker earlier than anticipated, and was able to lock the Worker in the Vault of Tears, beginning a new rule. Unfortunately for Ausar, this rule was short-lived. A rival Deathless, Raidriar--once known as Jori--challenged Ausar and defeated him on The Plains of Koroth, using the Infinity Blade he won from Ausar. The world believed Ausar dead, as the Infinity Blade was said to slay any Deathless in its path.

Unbeknownst to Raidriar, the Infinity Blade actually had a mechanism containing the Redeemer within. The Redeemer was a device designed by the Worker that was to be used with the Infinity Blade. Upon activation, it would reincarnate a Deathless into a newborn, with no memories of its past. Ausar, who discovered this device, formed an elaborate plot to plant the Redeemer within the Infinity Blade, lose the battle to Raidriar, and be reborn anew.

This image visualizes the God King slaying Ausar on the Plains of Koroth - a historical duel between two powerful Deathless. Created by Infinity Blade Studios using Infinity Blade Resources assets.

The God King battles Ausar on the Plains of Koroth, visualized.

So while the world believed that Ausar was gone for good, he had another chance at life.

Reign of the God King

Decades had passed, and the God King had taken over the land. Humanity was little more than Deathless slaves at this point, yet they still managed a small resistance, in the form of a “Sacrifice”. Every generation, the people of Lantimor would send one of their own into the depths of the God King’s castle, in hopes that he could kill the God King. Their first Sacrifice (known as the “Ancestor”), died at the hands of the God King. For dozens of generations, the Sacrifice (descended from the same bloodline) would try to kill the God King.

Finally, a man by the name of Siris defeated the God King, using the Infinity Blade to kill its owner. Raidriar’s last words were “They'll be coming for YOU now...”, implying that the Deathless would hunt Siris for the blade. After this, Siris examined the God King’s chambers, and he came across a holographic image of the world, showing the extensive damage done to it.

Shortly thereafter, while exploring the castle, Siris came across a pedestal where he placed the Infinity Blade. This unlocked three secret dungeons, each holding a cursed Deathless King. Siris managed to kill them all with the Infinity Blade, and upon clearing the third dungeon a massive door opened. Within this dungeon, Siris discovered seven cloned, inanimate versions of the God King inside of liquid green cylinders. He had found the God King’s rebirth chamber.

Upon entry, a robot (Zero Mech) confronted Siris. Siris managed to take down the robot, and a person was revealed inside of it. This stranger revealed himself as Archarin. Archarin was once a Sacrifice, but as he dueled the God King, he was offered the choice to serve the God King, and he accepted. Siris was infuriated at this story—it violated everything he fought for. Siris shouted, “You are a traitor! To our blood, our calling... OUR PEOPLE!” They dueled, and Siris bested Archarin. As Archarin died, he said that the God King would “claim what is rightfully his. And when he gets [the Infinity Blade], he will be... unstoppable.” Siris responded with, “I’ll be waiting.”

The Vault of Tears

Towards the end of Siris’ stay at the castle, he came across another human, Isa. She was a foreigner and a rogue who came to the castle in search of the Infinity Blade. She attacked Siris, but he bested her. Siris spared Isa’s life because she promised to lead Siris to the Vault of Tears. Siris had heard that the Worker of Secrets knew how to kill Deathless, and was a vigilante like himself. Little did he know that the Worker was his sworn enemy; he had no recollection of his past life as Ausar.

Siris and Isa went to Saydhi, an information dealer. They needed the exact location of the Vault. Saydhi gave them the location (Saranthia, in the mountains to the north), but then attacked Siris. Siris killed her with the Infinity Blade. Behind the corpse of Saydhi was a pedestal, identical to the one that unlocked the God King’s rebirth chamber. Siris placed the Infinity Blade on the pedestal, and then it sank into the ground. Raidriar came out from behind Siris with the Infinity Blade, having successfully tricked Siris into giving him the blade. As Raidriar prepared to kill Siris, Isa shot Siris from a distance with her crossbow (under the possibility that Siris was Deathless, himself).

Siris was reborn in the nearest Rebirth chamber, and he was then able to confirm that he was Deathless. How, he did not know. Siris proceeded to Saranthia, where the Vault of Tears was hidden. The Vault was protected by a massive tower, with several passageways. Siris fought his way through dozens of Titans as he made his was to the top of the highest tower. There, he met the Deathless, Thane, who guarded the Vault. Siris bested Thane. In order to unlock the vault, he had to thrust his arm into the four seals throughout the tower. The first seal was where Siris bested Thane. Siris unlocked it, and slumped to the ground, temporarily dead. He awoke in the nearest Rebirth chamber.

It was then when he came to an alarming realization: “All those years, going to face the God King in his palace… each time, each bloodline, was me.”

Siris then went to the Tower three more times, unlocking the three more seals (each guarded by a Blood Sentinel) and dying three more times. He began to accumulate a hazy memory of his past life, but he could not put anything together.

After opening all four seals, Siris returned to the top of the tower. He was ready to free the Worker of Secrets, a warrior who could kill the Deathless. Siris placed his sword at the top of the tower, and the floor began to descend in an elevator-like fashion. Siris finds the worker sitting upon a stone throne. The Worker--realizing that Ausar did not remember anything--told Siris that he needed another Deathless to take his place. The Worker needed Raidriar.

Siris returned to Saydhi’s territory, where Raidriar was currently residing. After a long duel, Siris knocked Raidriar out, took the Infinity Blade, and carried Raidriar to the Vault of Tears.

Upon Siris’ arrival the Worker reveals that Siris was the one who trapped him in the Vault. He takes the Infinity Blade from Siris, ascends away from the Vault, effectively trapping Siris and Raidriar in the Vault for the rest of eternity. Both of the Worker’s greatest threats were removed, and his conquest of world domination would be easier than ever. The Worker, now with free reign, decided to take over the world by stealth. He created minions such as Soulless Raidriar to impersonate the real ruler, and so manipulate the world into his rule.

The Last Rebellion

Siris was trapped, but Isa was not. She formed a group of rebels in a last-ditch effort to stop the Worker. She came to The Vault of Tears and freed Siris and Raidriar from the vault after two years of imprisonment. Raidriar joined them in order to defeat the Worker, and set up a device called the Pinnacle of Sanctification to turn mortals into Deathless. Isa was the first rebel to become a Deathless, but before more could be made, the Worker bombed the resistance. Isa died for the first time. Sadly, all of the resistance was permanently eradicated except for Siris, Raidriar, and Isa (once she awoke from death).

Siris had been on a mission to retrieve the Infinity Blade from Soulless Raidriar. He returned with the Infinity Blade. While Isa was being reformed, Raidriar decided to go on a quest to kill the Worker by himself, taking the Blade. The Worker was residing at the Ark: a large, futuristic tower of unknown capabilities.

Raidriar made it to the Ark, and he challenged the Worker to a duel. Instead, the Worker sent some of his minions to fight Raidriar. Raidriar easily bested them, but something odd occurred: the last minion had an Infinity Blade. The Worker revealed that he had begun replicating the Infinity Blade. The two dueled, each with an Infinity Blade. The Worker bested Raidriar, and told him to join the cause. Raidriar denied, remembering his father and having hope in Siris.

In a sacrificial move, Raidriar stole a datapod containing vital information about the Worker and teleported it to his stronghold at Larioth. Enraged, the Worker killed Raidriar with the Infinity Blade, bringing a true end to the God King.

Several days later, Isa woke from her death. She was greeted by Siris, who hadn’t seen Raidriar since he left the hideout. Siris decided to go to Raidriar’s stronghold. Siris found another Soulless Raidriar in the castle. The imposter attacked Siris with an Infinity weapon, but Siris easily bested him. However, the imposter teleported away before Siris could interrogate him. In the stronghold, Siris found the datapod Raidriar sent, and returned to his and Isa’s hideout with the Infinity Cleaver and the datapod.

After some discussion, Siris and Isa decided to go hunting for the other Infinity Weapons. Isa went to an excavation site in the Seccian Desert. She found a vault with pedestals for six Infinity Weapons. Before she could investigate further, a Deathless named Terrovax attacked her. She overpowered him, and then interrogated him for the whereabouts of the other weapons.

With this information, Siris and Isa split up on different missions. Isa went to rescue Jensen, a personal friend of Siris and a master blacksmith. With all their new weaponry, he would be vital in improving their gear.

Siris went to The Pit, a desert arena where a Deathless warlord named Therin resided. Siris killed Therin and took the Infinity Spear.

Back at the hideout, Isa and Siris discussed their next plan. Siris planned to go back to the Tower in Saranthia. He had heard a rumor that the Redeemer was hidden somewhere inside of it. Bringing his robotic Rebirth-assistant TEL, he returned to the place that was once his prison. TEL brought Siris to the Redeemer.

Meanwhile, Isa traveled to the Pinnacle Monastery to battle Lelindre, one of the oldest and most powerful Deathless. When they battled, Isa was quickly overpowered. However, Lelindre spared Isa, and told her the location of the Ark, and The Worker’s plan to destroy the world again. She also gave Isa The Infinity Daggers.

When Isa and Siris returned to the hideout, they plotted their assault on the Ark. Siris configured the Redeemer with the datapod’s QIP. The Redeemer, when put into the Infinity Blade, could now be effectively used on the Worker.

They arrived at the Ark. After killing several Titans, Siris reached the Worker’s throne room. The Worker was with the Soulless God King, and the God King was about to duel Siris when Isa appeared, holding him off while Siris could fight the Worker. Siris went after the worker, and after a long duel Isa managed to kill the Soulless Ausar, though quite injured.

Siris stopped The Worker from entering his spaceship (which the Worker planned to fly away in as he destroyed the Earth) as he challenged The Worker to a duel. Siris, now having remembered his past life as Ausar, wanted nothing more than to stop the Worker. As the spaceship was preparing to launch, they dueled. Finally, The Worker parried Siris’ Infinity Cleaver off his hands and stabbed Siris with the Infinity Blade. At the last second, Siris twisted, turned the Infinity Blade around and stabbed the Worker.

The Worker collapsed, but he laughed. “I... created this blade. Do you really think it could kill ME?” Siris responed, “I never believed it would kill you. But I do believe... in redemption!” Siris put the Redeemer into the Infinity Blade, creating a massive burst of energy as the Worker’s memories were eradicated. The world was saved.

Isa made her way to Siris through the flames of the launching spaceship. They teleported back to the hideout before they could become engulfed by the flames, and the spaceship launched, empty.

Isa and Siris had saved the world, but there was still one problem: Galath. They decided to raise the newborn as their own child, and all was well.


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