Infinity Blade Wiki
Type Large enemy
Subtype Deathless
Alias High Lord of House Burke
Blight's Son
Starting level 25
Found in Infinity Blade III

Terrovax, the High Lord of House Burke, is a Deathless Pantheonite who is allied with the Worker. He is also known as the Blight's Son.


Infinity Blade III[]

Terrovax is the second boss the player fights (excluding the prologue), the first being the Soulless Raidriar, and is the first Deathless Isa fights. He confronts her in the Seccian Desert Excavation at level 25, as she attempts to break into the vault containing the original Infinity Blade and Infinity Weapon slots. After being defeated, Terrovax tells Isa what he knows about the Worker's minions, and the Infinity Weapons. It is presumed that he is eventually killed, though not permanently, by Isa. When he first appears, he carries the Ruene, but after that, he carries several other light weapons carried by Siris, including the Pharoe, Decay, and Saphirine.


Terrovax is a boss titan, complete with Spectrum defence, a higher than normal chance to possess a titan perk and the ability to force you back to the Hideout if you lose. Terrovax always fights with a one-handed weapon and shield and therefore does not have the dual daggers alternate form for Large enemies.

  • In combat, Terrovax will occasionally try to trick you by bashing his weapon and shield together before making a random attack. The attacks can include left, right a downwards slash, and a shield bash. He is also known to be ferocious and may perform more shield bashes than weapon strikes during regular attack chains. Two of three of his fury chains contain extra moves that borrow from other fury chains.


Terrovax wears brown/black armour and a golden face-mask, resembling an animal's skull. His voice is modulated like other deathless, but he speaks with a gentle elegance, being confident and patronizing.


  • Terrovax is one of few Deathless who do not wield an Infinity Weapon.
  • It is unknown if Blight's Son is just a title, or if he is actually the son of an individual named Blight.
  • For some reason, Terrovax's theme doesn't play when you fight him and the theme is instead played when you fight Large titans as Isa in the first in-door area of the Seccian Desert. "The Blood Sentinels" is played instead when you fight Terrovax.