The Holy Band
Ring HolyBand
Type Ring
Locked Yes
Price Gp-icon.png 800,000
Sells for Gp-icon.png 200,000
XP to master 75,000
Holy spell Level 10
Circle gem 1
Diamond gem 1
Found In Infinity Blade II
Infinity Blade III

The Holy Band is a high-end ring found in Infinity Blade II and Infinity Blade III. It has a 10 Holy rating in Infinity Blade II. To obtain the ring, the player must have the Vile Map as well as the Vile Blade, Vile Shield, Vile Helm, and Vile Armor (all parts of the Vile set).

While wearing those four items, the player must then tap the location marked on the Vile Map, located in The Shrine. TEL will appear and warn Siris not to enter the revealed chamber. If the player chooses to do so anyway, a short cutscene will appear and the Holy Band will be obtained.

It has a special Holy attack that when activated, your opponent loses health. The amount of health it lost is transfered to the player. This helps the player in both attack and defense. Enemies with rainbow defense, however, take 1/10 Holy damage, which means you also are healed less. This effect is changed in Infinity Blade III however; this time, only the damage is less than normal, but you are still healed as you typically are with regular Titans. 

In Infinity Blade III, the Holy Band only has Holy 5 equipped to it. However, it can be upgraded to Holy 10. It contains a circle gem that can later be turned into a star gem. The Holy Band is possibly the best Ring in IBII.


Notes Edit


  • It is possible to win this item when spinning Prize Wheels.
  • The ring used to belong to Siris' first wife, whose death haunts him even after losing most of his memories as Ausar.
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