The Origin is a suit of armor found in Infinity Blade III.

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It is obtained by playing through Act lV as Siris, and then obtaining The Map to Heaven by killing Lelindre. On the Map to Heaven, it shows the Metius Observatory and two weapons, the Axe of Heaven and Blade of Heaven. Purchase these weapons, then go to the Interlude-Metius Observatory. Before fighting the first Titan, tap on the Metius Observatory in the background. After battling two titans, Siris or Isa will face Varun, the Watcher of Heaven. Varun will be level 700 on the first encounter. After defeating Varun with Siris or Isa,the player will be shown a circle tap option and a triangle tap option. Tap on the triangle, and Siris will open the faded chest to reveal The Origin. The Origin is the same armor that the Worker of Secrets wears. It has 200 health points.


  • When obtained, The Origin will be at level 10.
  • The Axe of Heaven (Siris) and Blade of Heaven (Isa) are required for tapping on the Observatory to work.
  • The Origin can only be obtained when opening the chest as Siris. If you open the chest with Isa, it acts like a regular chest.
  • However, if you beat Varun with Isa, you can repeat the quest with Siris in order to obtain The Origin.
  • The Origin is the only armour that includes a helmet. Additionally, when buying/equipping the set from a selfie, there is no option for a helmet.
  • Since the armour is level 10 at acquisition, you will not be able to upgrade it until completing a full Deathless Quest cycle, at which point, the max upgrade level is raised by 5 levels.
  • The Origin is the highest-level un-upgraded armour piece in the game.
  • The Origin has two star slots and 75000 experience to master at its starting level.

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