Infinity Blade Wiki
The Killer of Dreams.png
Type Large
Subtype Deathless
Alias The Killer of Dreams
Weapon The Infinity Spear
Starting level 50
Found in Infinity Blade III

Therin, the Killer of Dreams, is a Deathless fought during the course of Infinity Blade III. He has an arena, The Pit, where he holds bloodsports for his own amusement and uses The Infinity Spear. He is defeated by Siris in Act III. He is level 50 when Siris first fights him. His arena is used in Arena Mode of the Ausar Rising update.

Boss Stats

Therin is a boss Deathless, which means he is always equipped with a Boss titan perk after level 10000.


During the fight, Therin can be deceiving and change the direction of his attacks while in the middle of performing a previous move, which makes him more likely to land a hit on Siris if he is using the Heavy or Dual weapon class, or the Light weapon class if the player is not inclined to Block. He is otherwise like any staff-wielding Large titan, and uses two recycled fury chains from the Iron Lancer. It is largely suggested to use a light weapon when fighting Therin, as the omni-directional block can prove useful if you're unsure what attack he is going to use. At higher levels later on (level ~450, he can change the attack before he actually hits you (ex: reaching to slap you but grabs his spear instead), so more care is needed to parry or dodge attacks.

Dual weapons and heavy weapons are not recommended for use against Therin: it is quite hard to determine whether he is using a fake move or not, which will lead to dodging or blocking in the wrong direction. Therin does not use any un-parriable attacks besides a common fury chain where he moves back, jumps, and smashes the floor with his arm.


Upon entering the arena:

  • Therin: Ah, the mighty Ausar. Your legend precedes you.
  • Siris: Funny, I never heard of you. Your weapon, give it to me, or your winning streak ends here.
  • Therin: Challenge me? Hah! You have to earn that privilege. Survive my titans, and you may get your chance.

After defeating the first arena titan:

  • Therin: Getting tired, Ausar? The main attraction's about to start.

After defeating the monstrosity:

  • Siris: Is this the best you can do? Come down and fight me, coward!
  • Therin: I will enjoy killing the legendary Ausar.


  • Therin does not have a unique voice during battle; all sounds made by him are identical to the Iron Lancer.