• This is the QIP page with all the "changes" and stuff.

    Hello! I am a normal user here at this wiki. I like to help people out so, if troubled, tell me and I will help you. I just arrived at this wiki but I know a lot about infinity blade 1 2 and 3. If you need help, leave a message at my wall and then go to the chat since it is an easier method to talk.

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    darkfire gem since the total cost is £9,000,000 and you had to wait each rebirth. Not anymore! I have a new way to get those two gems. Firstly, get the infinite gold glitch off youtube. You need at least, around £25,000,000. Then, go to your inventory and got to the gem wheels. Then, try your luck. This is the way I made both gems. It might be a bit frustrating because the most common gem is the triangular shaped one. Well, err sorry for the signature thing but, I will try to make one, I have been gone for quite a while but, well, anyway, this is my best move, parrying. I know just about every single deathless attack and kick, fury, and undodgable attacks. I just about covered every attack in my wall, so, more posts will be rare from now on, but I will keep up to date.

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