• Hello everyone, it’s Arctic Blue again. So as you know, I’ve asked everyone to vote on who the hardest main game boss was in Infinity Blade 3. Now, we didn’t get as many votes as I had hoped for: (by the time I closed the poll we had ~70 votes or so) but then again, I promised some activity so here I am with a commentated ranking of the IB3 bosses. I’ll rank them based on self-perceived difficulty with my dear friend Slay offering me some insight (I agree with your rankings, he doesn’t). I’ll also go through their movesets and comment on the quality of the boss per se. Here we go.


    At number 8 we have the boss Terrovax, the high lord of House Burke, with only 1 vote. It’s not overly difficult to see why not many found this boss hard: he’s just a regular dude with a sword and a shield. His introduction isn’t too bad, but then he gets a bolt to the chest. His moveset doesn’t really offer much variation; it’s just regular Titan fury moves. In terms of boss quality, there isn’t much lore involved (he’s guarding the vault of Infinity weapons), overall contributing to a pretty lacking boss fight. Slay?
    Slay: “Don’t even remember him. 0/10.”

    Arctic: “I would agree. I give Terrovax a score of 2/10 for both difficulty and lore.”


    At number 7, Melek also has only 1 vote, but I still ranked him as higher than Terrovax. Why? Well, I do have a soft spot for dual wielders, and the area preceding him was pretty awesome. However, he shares much of the same flaws as Terrovax does: uninteresting moveset, insignificant lore. He just wants to stop you from doing whatever you’re doing - and he doesn’t even know what that is. I believe he shares mostly the same moveset as Mr.Archivist from IB2, which is unsurprising as you fight him in the same arena. Overall: better than Terrovax, but that’s not saying much.
    Slay: “He was easy. 2/10”

    Arctic: “I had to remind Slay who he was again. Overall - 3/10.”


    Number 6: Thane, deathless QIP abomination. This dude also has 1 vote, but he’s ranked higher for lore and moveset reasons. To round off our trio of worst bosses, this guy’s a heavy user. His fury moves change it up a bit though- he lies on the ground and headbashses the living hell out of you, a bit reminiscent of the Vile Blade golems from IB2. His lore? He’s the QIP abomination of Thane, that guy who you kept on fighting back on the tower. And boy, does he look ugly. So, interesting lore and a somewhat complex moveset makes this not a bad fight.
    Slay: “I didn’t have good equipment when I fought him. Had to restart a few times. Now he’s a piece of cake. 4/10.”

    Arctic: “He’s not too bad if you’re not a noob like Slay ;). 4/10.”

    SR 1.0

    And…..finally a boss with not 1 vote but 2 votes! Hooray! Soulless Raidriar is the first boss in the game, but I’m a bit conflicted about him. In terms of lore, this is pretty solid. In terms of fury moves, SR is an easier version of Ryth (they share much of the same fury moves, but SR is slower and doesn’t have some of the harder movesets). In terms of regular moves…..well, he’s just good old Raidriar. The problem I have with him is that he’s a tough boss, but scaled to be a bit too easy. Oh well.
    Slay: “Not hard, but a pretty cool fight. 8/10 for quality.”

    Arctic: “Um...for the reasons I listed above, 6/10.”


    I love this boss! Therin ranks in at number 4 with two votes as well, but boy did this guy give me a hard time the first time we fought. This is mostly because of his stupid feints: I stick to dual mostly, and when a spear users acts a specific way I dodge a specific way. But when said user suddenly turns around and punches me in the face, I can’t dodge in time (mostly because of the dodge-lag mechanic). But again, I love him for that. This was the first boss that I fought in 3 that felt fresh to me. His lore is pretty solid: he’s a wielder of the Infinity Spear, and he’s mentioned quite often in the books as well as being an imperator of sorts, managing his coliseum.
    Slay: “Loved his fake outs, they were beautifully done. I’d give him a 7/10.”

    Arctic: “Same. They were cheesy but I did die a lot to them. 8/10.”

    SR 2.0

    And… number 3 we have Soulless Raidriar 2.0, with 7 votes! He’s not the best boss, but he sure is tough. First of all, he’s a triple-wielder: heavy, light, and dual. That’s not too bad, but he’s pretty tough for reasons I’ll touch on later at number 1. His weapons are cool but I would’ve liked it if he had an Infinity weapon to make him more significant. His movesets are pretty standard, and his fury moves are still Ryth-like. This makes him quite challenging to defeat, even if his design isn’t the best.
    Slay: “Wayyyyyyyy too cheesy. 5….no, 4/10.”

    Arctic: “I’ll give him an 8/10 for difficulty alone.”


    I mean, you all knew who were gonna be at the top 2. For the second hardest boss in the game we have Galath, worker of secrets. Do I agree with this ranking? Hm….not really. Well, I can clearly see why: he’s a triple-wielder like SR 2.0, he’s lightning-fast, also has Ryth-like fury moves, etc. He’s certainly tough. But I actually found him to be a lot easier than SR 2.0., maybe because of the guaranteed armor and helm drop at the base of the elevator leading to his domain, and also because if you struggled through SR 2.0., this boss shouldn’t be that bad. The boss fight is undoubtedly the best in the game though. He starts off with a heavy Infinity Blade, then switches to using the IB and a hologram-dagger for his dual-wield, before reverting to a hologram-shield for his light moveset. Talk about being a badass. The ending is cool too.
    Slay: “Um, the fight lagged a bit for me, but Galath was easy once the lag stopped. 7/10?”

    Arctic: “Wasn’t the hardest fight, but was the best. 10/10.”


    AND AT NUMBER ONE WE HAVE………*Drumroll please* LELINDRE, MISTRESS OF THE END WITH A WHOPPING 34 VOTES. Holy hell was she hard for me, so I’m glad that you all agreed. I don’t know what your problems were, but mine was the Isa problem that I alluded to earlier: I was so accustomed to leveling up Siris that he had much better equipment and everything. Isa was far more underleveled and underequppied. Plus, Lelindre, being a dual-dagger user, is lightning fast, and mixes in kicks to create a confusing atmosphere. She deals way too much damage, and although her HP bar isn’t the biggest (if you don’t count the 33% hp thing), she sure gives you no chance to land your hits. Her fury moves are so erratic and hard to dodge that I still have no recollection even to this day. Lelindre doesn’t resemble any previous boss at all, which turns the fight into a frantic reaction test rather than a calm interpretation of her movesets. She does have amazing lore though, and is a badass overall, especially when she manages to catch your bolt in midair. Great boss, great fight.
    Arctic: “Don’t mind Slay, he’s just salty. Solid 10/10 for me.”

    So that’s it guys! Thanks for reading (if you even made it this far) and again thanks for participating in the poll! Our wiki isn’t the most active but I appreciate you guys for sticking with us after all this time. Next up we’ll do hardest optional boss of Infinity Blade III. See you all later!

    Sincerely, Arctic Blue (and Slayingthehalcyon).

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    • I do believe... in regards to Lelindre... I said something more along the lines of... *this is really cleaned up too, had to censor the hard truth for the kiddies... GG*

      OHMFLMAO, okay, so, we got to start off with. What the actual freaking heyaaaalluhhh, were you guys thinking when you voted her the hardest? She's not even hard. If you guys knew how to balance your play between characters you'd have zero issues. if you think Lelindre is hard Wait till you run into the collector WITH ISA. You thought Lelindre was bad the collector will mess your crap up so hard that you'll be hardpressed to find the crap peices to clean them up

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    • Slayingthehalcyon wrote: something something something

      I tried to censor the PJsalt.

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    • Arctic Blue wrote:

      Slayingthehalcyon wrote: something something something

      I tried to censor the PJsalt.

      Well I mean, there wasn't any PJSALT, it was real talk.

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    • LULindre

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    • Lelindre took me quite a few tries the first time I ran into her, but I'm starting a second profile because I was becoming too reliant on 2bb2bb to win fights, and I had ran out if chips. Anyway, now lelindre isn't nearly as hard as my Isa is actually higher level than my Sirus so the fight only took 2 tries. I agree though, decently but not frustratingly hard, and just generally cool.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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