Infinity Blade Wiki
Type Large enemy
Subtype Deathless
Alias Watcher of Heaven
Weapon Keldrew
Found in Infinity Blade III

Varun, the Watcher of Heaven, is a boss added in the Kingdom Come update. He is found in a separate part of the Metius Observatory.


Varun is only accessible after the game has been beaten at least once. To reach him, the player must have The Map to Heaven, obtained by defeating Lelindre as Siris, equip Siris with the Axe of Heaven and Isa with the Blade of Heaven, then tap on the observatory on the background before fighting the first Titan. After two Titans have been defeated, Varun can be found. His starting level is the second highest level amongst Infinity Blade III bosses, next to Ryth, at level 700.



Following the Worker's defeat, Siris and Isa find Varun in the Metius Observatory, who tries to convince them to help him "cleanse the planet" after the Worker's failure. As they refuse, he engages in battle with Siris. If you defeat him, you gain access to the telescope that points to Heaven, and the chest that holds the Origin.

It is presumed that he is one of the scientists who worked with Galath to research the QIP and subsequently becomes Deathless.


Varun is a boss titan, complete with Spectrum defence, higher than normal chance to possess a titan perk like anti-magic and also has the ability to send you back to the Hideout if he defeats you. He possesses the Keldrew dual weapon, and therefore his attacks at higher levels are abnormally fast. He does not use special combos, and most of his attacks are very straight-forward.



  • His dialogue voice sounds older and as a different person, but his combat voice is borrowed from Melek, who also uses the same weapon type as Varun. He also uses Melek's taunts when the player is defeated.