Wood Jester
Wood Jester
Type Large enemy
Weapon Ellorium
Found in Infinity Blade I
Infinity Blade II
Multiplayer Stats
Attack +30
Bonus IceIB1 +5
Chain +3
Speed +3

The Wood Jester is a large enemy found in the entire Infinity Blade trilogy. It wields two Ellorium and is available in Multiplayer.

Infinity Blade IEdit

The Wood Jester appears on the Balcony and the Dungeon, although you have an option to avoid him on the Balcony.

The Wood Jester does not hold a shield, however, he holds two swords for blocking. Wood Jester uses a unique fury combo in which its head turns around, revealing a laughing red face on the other side,and it attacks in a circle motion low on the ground. This move is very powerful and can not be parried or dodged, so it must be blocked. It is quite possible that the Wood Jester has the hardest attack moves out of any enemy. He is one of the only titans to use two weapons in IB1, with the other being the Plated Sorok.

Infinity Blade IIEdit

The Wood Jester also appears in Infinity Blade II. He still wields his dual Elloriums, and his attack patterns are still the same, although he is extremely rare.

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