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Type Regular enemy
Alias High Priest of Ausar's Cult
Weapon Ribbon (alternate color scheme)
Starting level 100
Found in Infinity Blade III

Zuorsara is a Deathless featured in Infinity Blade III, and the secondary antagonist and the first boss of Ausar Rising update. He is the High Priest of Ausar's Cult and the one responsible for the creation of Soulless Ausar. He appears with a starting level of 100, one attack element and full spectrum defense. When Isa appears in the rebirth chamber, he attempts to stop her from interfering with Ausar's resurrection, but is easily killed. After the fight, Soulless Ausar breaks Isa's neck.

Boss Stats

Zuorsara is a boss Titan, which means he is always equipped with a Boss perk after level 1000.


Zuorsara shares a portion of some moves the Worker of Secrets uses, including an extra shield bash at the end of one of his fury chains, and a quicker version of the center lunging shield bash. He is otherwise like nearly all other Regular Male titans, using all relevant moves to the Light class.


Isa: That armor.....

Zuorsara: You dare enter this sacred place? When our lord Ausar returns....

Isa: Ausar already HAS returned you fool. But he no longer goes by that name.

Zuorsara: Blasphemer! The TRUE lord will soon awake, but you will not live to see him rise!


  • Zuorsara's armor has a very similar appearance to Raidriar's in the short animation Infinity Blade: Origins, with the exception that Zuorsara's armor is black.
  • It is hinted that the Worker of Secrets also had a role in creating Soulless Ausar.